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  • Real Time PCR LRTP-A10

Real Time PCR LRTP-A10

Enhance your operating experience with our large sample capacity real time PCRs that offer a wide temperature range. With its unique block dissipation technology, it provides precise temperature control and thermal gradient which easily optimizes PCR assays. High throughput and maximum flexibility, these instruments are an affordable option for research applications.
Sample Capacity : 96×0.2ml(Bottom Transparent)
Emission Wavelength : 500-800nm
Excitation Wavelength : 300-800nm
Sample Volume Range : 5 ~100μl
Program : Max 20 Segments for Each Program, Max 99 Cycles
Dynamics Range : 10~1010Copies
Detected Fluorescence : F1: FAM, SYBR Green 1; F2:VIC HEX TET JOE CY3 TAMRA; F3:ROX
TEXAS-RED; F4:CY5 Quasar-670; F5:CY5.5 Quasar-705
Block Temp. Range : 4~105 ℃ ( Minimum Increment: 0.1 ℃ ), SOAK Low
Temp.Conservation Function
Temp. Control Accuracy : ≤±0.1 ℃
Temp. Fluctuation : ≤±0.1 ℃
Temp. Uniformity : ≤±0.3 ℃
Heating Rate : 4.0 ℃/sec
Temp. Control Mode : BLOCK/Tube Simulation Mode (Automatic Control based On
Sample Volume )
Gradient Temp. Range : 1 ~36 ℃
Hot-lid Temp. Range : 30 ~110 ℃ (Adjustable, default 105 ℃, Automatic Hot-lid
Fluorescence Detection Repeatability : 0.05
Operation Mode : Continuous
Scan Mode : Entire Plate or Designated Line
Scan Period : 5.5sec (F1/F2 96 plate scan)
Feature Function : Absolute Quantification; Relative Quantification; SNP
Analysis; Data Automatic Analysis; Melting Curve Genotyping;
Gradient; HRM Multi-channel Crosstalk Correction; Background
Correction; Automatic Gain; Customized Parameters
Operation System : Microsoft: Windows XP/Windows vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Software: Excel2000/2002/2003/2007/2012
PC Configuration : Memory:512M; Hard Disk:10GB; CPU:Pentium® 4; Virtual
Power Supply : 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 600W
Dimension ( L×W×H ) : 410×386×352mm
Socket : USB Adapter; Bluetooth Adapter
Tablet : Microsoft Surface 2 pro
  • Patented block dissipation technology gives excellent temperature uniformity
  • Compact footprint with ergonomic design
  • Enhanced thermal conductivity with TAS technology
  • Windows touch operation enhances user comfort
  • Ferrotec Peltier cooler with improved efficiency and longer life
  • LED source with enhanced life
  • Wide range of block temperature 4-105C with soak low temperature function
  • Adjustable hot lid prevents reagent evaporation
  • Temperature gradient control upto 36C gradient
  • Five individual filters cover wide range of wavelength
  • Upto 96 well capacity with fast speed dual colour scanning
  • Friendly interface
  • Easy data transfer via USB and Bluetooth
Ideal solution for sequencing, genotyping, cloning, mutagenesis and routine applications that require quantification and characterization of nucleic acids in academic institutes, research centres, diagnostics and laboratories.

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