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  • Ozone Test Chamber LOC-A13

Ozone Test Chamber LOC-A13

This device is specifically designed to detect the concentration of ozone with the help of ozone detector. Along with low maintenance and noiseless generator this machine has a well-built corrosion resistant body.
Diameter of holder (mm) : 700
Length of each side (mm) : 350
Temperature range : 0℃~100℃
Humidity range : 30% - 98%R.H
Temperature fluctuation : ±0.5℃
Speed rate for cooling : Ambient~ 0℃ within 20 min
Timing range : 0~999 hours
Ozone concentration : 1~1000PPHM
Sample holder rotate speed : 0~10 r/min (adjustable)
Clamps tensile stretch : 5%~35%
Max. ozone concentration : 120gO3/m³
Ozone output : 3.5gO3/h ((oxygen input, flow rate 100L/h)
Nominal power : 9000
Internal dimensions (mm) : 800*1000*1000
Overall dimensions (mm) : 1280*1550*2110
Power & voltage : AC380V 50HZ
  • PID programmable controller with LED touch screen display
  • Equipped with UV detector to detect the concentration of ozone
  • Designed with combination of three control systems- PLC HMI and SOC
  • Incorporated with protection module for safety voltage
  • Solid and durable structured closed-type compressor unit
  • User-friendly and reliable
  • Stable and require low maintenance
  • Consists of highly efficient low noise ozone generator
  • Made up of corrosion resistant stainless steel body
Applied to various industries such as automobile, rubber & plastics, packaging, medical equipment, colleges and universities, research laboratories etc.

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