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  • -86°C Ultra Low Upright Freezers LUF-D20

-86°C Ultra Low Upright Freezers LUF-D20

We deliver a high quality -86°C ultra low temperature upright freezers that comply the CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 standards and are very powerful system for keeping the stored products frozen and preserved for a long duration. This machine has a capacity of 100 Liters, is CFC-free & equipped with temperature printer to allow a data record up to seven days.
Capacity : 100 Liters
External Dimension (W*D*H)mm : 720*793*1000
Internal Dimension (W*D*H)mm : 450*450*500
Power Supply : 220V/50Hz
Input Power : 800W
Weight (Nt/Gr in Kg) : 120/140
  • Microprocessor-based temperature controller with digital temperature display allow user to maintain temperature between -10C to -86C with 1C precision control
  • Key board lock and password protected configuration page is installed with delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and being terminated
  • Equipped with audio and visual alarm for power failure and system failure
  • For hassle free functioning freezer is equipped with filter blocking alarm high or low temperature alarm low battery alarm door open alarm and system failure alarm
  • Made up of stainless steel body with 100-155mm thick foaming insulation
  • Designed with four casters for easy handling and vacuum relief port allows easy access to the sample after door opens and lockable door prevents unauthorized access
  • Inner door with double silicon gasket seal prevents loss of cold air with three adjustable stainless steel shelves
  • With 72 hours battery backup for printer and controller display
  • Optional chart recorder CO2 back up storage racksboxes remote alarm system
  • CFC free Danfoss compressor with German EBM fan electromotor
  • Certified with CE ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO13485
  • Refrigerant used is a mixture of R134a R404a R23 R410A N2
  • Two SC15CLX2 compressors are used in parallel connection to reduce noise and improve the cooling temperature
  • It is an upright type freezer
It is suitable to be used for medical,clinical, food industries, preservation, blood banks, university laboratories, etc.

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