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  • Thermostatic Heating Digestion System DTS-A104

Thermostatic Heating Digestion System DTS-A104

We manufacture extensive range of Thermostatic Heating Digestion System. It is a sort of equipment which is based on principles developed by classical wet digestion with different sample digestion.
Sample Holes : 20
Aperture : Φ43.5mm (applicable to Φ42, Φ40 tube)
Heating module material : Aluminum alloy
Design Temperature : 450℃
Temperature control instrumentation : PLC
Temperature accuracy : ±1℃
Heating Rate : ≈3-15℃/min
Operating Voltage : AC220V/50Hz
heating power : 4KW
  • New generation of PLC recipe management and corrosion resistance
  • uniform temperature distribution
  • Intelligent LCD temperature control device
  • Furnace holes temperature is continuously adjustable aperture
Mainly used for agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, geology petroleum, chemical, food and other departments as well as universities, research departments of plants, seed, feed, soil, ore samples for chemical analysis.

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